[R] Reasons to Use R

Jorge Cornejo-Donoso jorgecornejo at uach.cl
Mon Apr 9 17:31:00 CEST 2007

I have a Dell with 2 Intel XEON 3.0 procesors and 2GB of ram....
The problem is the DB size. 

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Have you tried 64 bit machines with larger memory or do you mean that you
can't use R on your current machines?

Also have you tried S-Plus?  Will that work for you? The transition from
that to R would be less than from SAS to R.

On 4/9/07, Jorge Cornejo-Donoso <jorgecornejo en uach.cl> wrote:
> tha s9ze of db is an issue with R. We are still using SAS because R 
> can't handle own db, and of couse we don't want to sacrify resolution, 
> because the data collection is expensive (at least in fisheries and 
> oceagraphy), so.. I think that R need to improve the use of big DBs. 
> Now I only can use R for graph preparation and some data analisis, but 
> we can't do the main work on R, abd that is really sad.

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