[R] compile errors with rgl-0.70.570 on FreeBSD

Rainer Hurling rhurlin at gwdg.de
Sun Apr 8 17:41:00 CEST 2007


thank you for your tips. But before version 0.70.570 rgl was running 
fine on my system. All necessary GL files are installed.

Duncan Murdoch is working on a configure script to get rgl also work on 
Mac OSX. Some of his changes breaks things for FreeBSD. We tested it 
without posting on r-help at .

Duncan now tries to find a solution for all platforms.

Rainer Hurling

Bernardo Rangel Tura schrieb:
> On Wed, 2007-04-04 at 21:12 +0200, Rainer Hurling wrote:
>> Thank you for your work on rgl.
>> Reading in another thread about your new (inofficial) version of rgl 
>> (see below) I tried it with R version 2.5.0 alpha (2007-03-31 r40986) 
>> under FreeBSD 7.0-CURRENT. Unfortunately I got the following error:
>> -------
>> #R CMD INSTALL rgl_0.70.570.tar.gz
>> * Installing to library '/usr/local/lib/R/library'
>> * Installing *source* package 'rgl' ...
>> checking for libpng-config... yes
>> configure: using libpng-config
>> configure: using libpng dynamic linkage
>> checking for X... libraries /usr/X11R6/lib, headers /usr/X11R6/include
>> checking GL/gl.h usability... no
>> checking GL/gl.h presence... no
>> checking for GL/gl.h... no
>> checking GL/glu.h usability... no
>> checking GL/glu.h presence... no
>> checking for GL/glu.h... no
>> configure: error: missing required header GL/gl.h
>> ERROR: configuration failed for package 'rgl'
>> ** Removing '/usr/local/lib/R/library/rgl'
>> ** Restoring previous '/usr/local/lib/R/library/rgl'
>> -------
> Rainer,
> I have same problem in my Ubuntu.
> I solve instaling OpenGl in system, in my case I install this debian
> poackages:
> freeglut3, freeglut3-dev, libgl1-mesa-dev, libglu1-mesa-dev, libice-dev,
> libsm-dev, libx11-dev, libxau-dev, libxdmcp-dev, libxext-dev, libxt-dev,
> mesa-common-dev, x11proto-core-dev, x11proto-input-dev, x11proto-kb-dev,
> x11proto-xext-dev, xlibmesa-gl-dev and xtrans-dev
> If you install similar packages in your system  I think your problem
> will be solve.

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