[R] Lattice strip labels for two factors

Joe Moore emgt_r at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 26 23:20:27 CEST 2006

Dear All:

In the following code which I modified from previous question, in addition 
to show the fact1 level names (y, b, r) in strips, I also want to have a 
color bar to indicate the state of every panel (in this example, y 
correspods to 1, and b, r correspond to 0). Does anyone have a quick 


df <- expand.grid("fact1"=c("y","b","r"),
"fact2"=c"far","por","lis","set"), "year"=1991:2000, "value"= NA)
df[,"value"] <- sample(1:50, 120, replace=TRUE)
df$state <- 0
df$state[df$fact1=="y"] <- 1

xyplot( value ~ year | fact1, data=df, type="b", subset= fact2=="far",
	      strip = strip.custom(bg=gray.colors(1,0.95), 
factor.levels=c("yellow",  "black", "red")), layout=c(1,3))

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