[R] Beginner Loop Question with dynamic variable names

Peter Wolkerstorfer - CURE wolkerstorfer at cure.at
Mon Sep 25 14:30:44 CEST 2006

Dear all,

I have another small scripting-beginner problem which you hopefully can

I compute new variables with:

# Question 1
results$q1 <- with(results, q1_1*1+ q1_2*2+ q1_3*3+ q1_4*4+ q1_5*5)
# Question 2
results$q2 <- with(results, q2_1*1+ q2_2*2+ q2_3*3+ q2_4*4+ q2_5*5)
# Question 3
results$q3 <- with(results, q3_1*1+ q3_2*2+ q3_3*3+ q3_4*4+ q3_5*5)
# Question 4
results$q4 <- with(results, q4_1*1+ q4_2*2+ q4_3*3+ q4_4*4+ q4_5*5)

This is very inefficient so I would like to do this in a loop like:

for (i in 1:20) {results$q1 <- with(results, q1_1*1+ q1_2*2+ q1_3*3+
q1_4*4+ q1_5*5)}

My question now:
How to replace the "1"-s (results$q1, q1_1...) in the variables with the
looping variable?

Here like I like it (just for illustration - of course I still miss the
function to tell R that it should append the value of i to the variable

# i is the number of questions - just an illustration, I know it does
not work this way
for (i in 1:20) {results$qi <- with(results, qi_1*1+ qi_2*2+ qi_3*3+
qi_4*4+ qi_5*5)}

Help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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