[R] Beginners manual for emacs and ess

Marc Schwartz (via MN) mschwartz at mn.rr.com
Wed Sep 20 17:16:56 CEST 2006

On Wed, 2006-09-20 at 17:03 +0200, Rainer M Krug wrote:
> Hi
> I heard so much about Emacs and ESS that I decided to try it out - but I 
>   am stuck at the beginning.
> Is there anywhere a beginners manual for Emacs & ESS to be used with R? 
> even M-x S tells me it can't start S-Plus - obviously - but I want it to 
> start R...
> Any help welcome (otherwise I will be stuck with Eclipse and R)
> Rainer

There are some reference materials on the main ESS site at:


In addition, there is a dedicated ESS mailing list, with more info here:



Marc Schwartz

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