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Sarosh Jamal sarosh.jamal at utoronto.ca
Mon Sep 18 19:37:12 CEST 2006

Hi there,

I was updating the R-cmdr add-on (v.1.1-6 to the latest v.1.2) for R
(v.2.2.0) in a SunOS9 environment and came across some warnings during my
installation - it seems to download the dependencies but runs into the
following during install:

* Installing *source* package 'acepack' ...
** libs
/opt/sfw/R/R-2.2.0/bin/SHLIB: make: not found
ERROR: compilation failed for package 'acepack'
/opt/sfw/R/R-2.2.0/bin/INSTALL: test: argument expected
ERROR: failed to lock directory '/opt/sfw/R/R-2.2.0/library' for modifying
Try removing '/opt/sfw/R/R-2.2.0/library/00LOCK'

I don't see why I would have to remove the 00LOCK file since it seems to
have been created by the very session of R I use to run install.packages().

I'm attaching the complete log.

Any insight or feedback will be much appreciated.

Thank you,

Sarosh Jamal 
Geo Computing & IT Specialist, Department of Geography 
University of Toronto at Mississauga 
e: sarosh.jamal at utoronto.ca 

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