[R] R input output error

Johannes Jenkner johannes.jenkner at env.ethz.ch
Thu Sep 14 11:18:30 CEST 2006

Dear R users!

I have some problems with some cronjobs containing R programs in batch 
mode. The CPU  load always is quite high, as I plot some weather charts 
which require extensive interpolation procedures. The crucial point is 
that I frequently get "R input/output" errors, if my linux PC operates 
at full capacity. I am curious, if anyone of you has similar problems. 
Is there a possibility to prevent those runtime errors?

Thanks in advance!


Johannes Jenkner
Institute for Atmospheric and Climate Science
ETH Zuerich
Universitätsstrasse 16
ETH Zentrum, CHN M18
CH-8092 Zuerich
phone: +41/44/6332773
www: http://www.iac.ethz.ch

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