[R] ANOVA in R

Russell Compton rmc095 at bham.ac.uk
Thu Sep 14 10:25:42 CEST 2006

Despite having used R on a daily basis for the past two years, I’m
encountering some difficulty performing an ANOVA on my data. What I’m trying
to do is the following:
Given data such as:
Day 1    Day 4    Day 8
2          7          2
3          2          8          
3          4          7
6          6          8
1          3          4
I want to use ANOVA to determine if there is a significant change over the
three days. In other stats packages I have used, I can just select this data
and run the ANOVA function and get the F and p values. However in R, the
anova function seems to only work with a fitted model, eg. Linear
regression. This function seems to assume there is a relationship such as
day1~ day 4 + day 8, but in my case there isn’t – I just want to perform an
ANOVA without regression. If anyone could point me in the right direction
I’d greatly appreciate it,

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