[R] Confidence intervals on Lowess (eg SiZer from J.S.Marron)

Dalphin, Mark mdalphin at amgen.com
Fri Sep 8 21:38:06 CEST 2006


I have some very noisy, relatively sparse data; a biological response of
~8 subjects at ~8 times points). I've been following the data trend using a
line, over-plotted with several values of bandwidth, 'f <- seq(0.3, 0.9,
At this point, we have no models for these data.

I wonder if there is any way under R to assign some sort of confidence
interval to the
lowess line. For example, I have seen a method from the lab of J.S.Marron,
his group has implemented in the Matlab program, SiZer.
and, the more interesting:

An implementation under R of SiZer would obviously answer this question;
does it exist?
Suggestions of alternative approaches would also be welcome.

My searchs of the R-maillist archive for 'sizer', 'Marron' and 'scale-space'
didn't return anything
that I recognized as useful here, but I am new to the idea of confidence in
a lowess line
so I may not be using the appropriate vocabulary.


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