[R] RGui problem in Windows XP with demo() and help()

Murray Eisenberg murray at math.umass.edu
Mon Sep 4 02:10:33 CEST 2006

I just installed R-2.3.1pat under Windows XP as well as the associated
RWinEdt.  If I start RGui from its shortcut (but do _not_ also start
RWinEdt) and then try to execute demo() or help(), I get a RWinEdt
pop-up error window with message:

   File "D:\WP\WinEdtData\WinEdt\D:/WP/WinEdtData/WinEdt/R.ini" does not
   Qualifier -e/-E does not specify an existing file!

First question: what is causing RWinEdt even to get involved here?

Second: where is the garbled path to R.ini coming from.

Here's the configuration:  Everything R is in D:\Stats\R.  R-2.3.1pat
has the actual R release installed.

The shortcut for R-2.3.1-pat has target
D:\Stats\R\R-2.3.1pat\bin\Rgui.exe and starts in

File .Renviron is in D:\Stats\R.  R-2.3.1pat; the only lines in it that
are not commented out are:


File .Rprofile is in e:/Documents/R (the reference of myR_USER); the
only lines in it not commented out are:

   options(editor="\"d:/WP/winedt/winedt\" -c=\"R-WinEdt\"
        -E=\"D:/WP/WinEdtData/WinEdt/R.ini\" -V")      [on 1 line]
   options(pager="\"d:/WP/winedt/winedt\" -C=\"R-WinEdt\"
        -e=\"D:/WP/WinEdtData/WinEdt/R.ini\" -V")      [on 1 line]
   .First <- function(x) print("Profile read")

Is the root of the problem that I have a single .Rprofile set up for
RWinEdt but need to have a different one for RGui without RWinEdt?
And, if so, how do I tell R which one to use at startup?
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