[R] Tabbed help browsing with KDE

Johannes Ranke jranke at uni-bremen.de
Sat Mar 25 23:36:14 CET 2006

Dear all,

If anybody is interested, I found a way to make konqueror show each URL
opened by browseURL() in a new tab of the same window of the current
desktop, e.g. help pages opened while htmlhelp=TRUE.

In order to achieve this, simply set

	options(browser="kfmclient newTab")

in your ~/.Rprofile or wherever you set your R options.

Best regards,

Johannes Ranke

Dr. Johannes Ranke                 jranke at uni-bremen.de
UFT Bremen, Leobenerstr. 1         +49 421 218 8971 
D-28359 Bremen                     http://www.uft.uni-bremen.de/chemie/ranke

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