[R] removing NA from a data frame

Sam Steingold sds at podval.org
Mon Mar 20 18:26:03 CET 2006

> * Adaikalavan Ramasamy <enznfnzl at pnapre.bet.hx> [2006-03-19 04:51:19 +0000]:
> 1) R-help is designed for and by unpaid volunteers. Therefore
> sometimes RTFM without page reference is quite acceptable.

I am an "unpaid volunteer" maintainer of CLISP (http://clisp.cons.org).
I often answer questions with specific link to the CLISP FAQ (which
really is just that - the list of the frequently asked questions).

If you do not feel like answering a question, it is perfectly fine with
me, I do not think that anyone owes me anything.
All I am asking is that if you do decide to answer, please make your
answer immediately useful, i.e., not requiring learning all the manual by
heart (a specific manual section is perfectly fine though).

PS. Many thanks to Ben Bolker and Haifeng Xie for their help!

PPS. how do I figure out the number of rows in a data.frame?
     is length(attr(X,"row.names")) the right way?

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