[R] How to get correct proportions/bounding box for latex figure?

Duncan Murdoch murdoch at stats.uwo.ca
Mon Mar 20 03:26:06 CET 2006

On 3/19/2006 8:51 PM, context grey wrote:
> Thanks for your time, this is the answer I was looking
> for.  
> I would say that R is rather bad at calculating the
> bounding box
> in this case - it seems to not understand the basic
> aspect
> ratio of the plot.  

The aspect ratio doesn't really have anything to do with it.  R just 
doesn't keep a record of where it has drawn text, so it reports on a box 
that includes everywhere it might have drawn text.  GS actually pays 
attention to what's there and what's not.

R's method makes sense if you want a series of plots to be handled in 
the same way, regardless of whether they actually have titles and labels 
and such.

Duncan Murdoch

  But, knowing this, fixing it is
> possible;
> it was the vague feeling that I must be doing
> something wrong
> that was bugging me.
> A nice work-around would be a bit of R that invokes GS
> and then splices the correct bounding box into the 
> .eps automatically.   I may attempt this sometime...
> thanks again 
> --- Duncan Murdoch <murdoch at stats.uwo.ca> wrote:
> In both cases, R is not that good at calculating the
> bounding box:  it 
> will often include a lot of white space.  (In this
> case it looks as 
> though it is believing the values passed in the
> trellis.device call, 
> but 
> with other args to the postscript device it will do
> other things.) I 
> generally use GSview's PS to EPS function to
> recalculate it when this 
> sort of thing matters.
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