[R] removing NA from a data frame

Sam Steingold sds at podval.org
Fri Mar 17 22:17:22 CET 2006

> * Francisco J. Zagmutt <trevsnygr28 at ubgznvy.pbz> [2006-03-17 21:09:48 +0000]:
> Go to the help menu-> manuals in pdf and select "An Introduction to
> R".  After you read that document you will be able to answer your
> questions :-)

I did.  I still need help.

The matter is not so much with "getting things done" (I can probably
write the code - although I would rather not) as with not reinventing
the wheel.

PS. next time you decide to answer my question with "RTFM", please also
    include the number of the page that answers my specific question.

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