[R] Traffic on R-Help Mailing List

Knut Krueger admin at biostatistic.de
Fri Mar 17 14:53:27 CET 2006

I do not know how many user are not able to receive the messages.
It seems that only messages from the list server are not delivered to 
the mailserver.
I am able to receive private mails and I talked with the sysadmin of the 
mailserver. He told me that he is not able to found any new mail from 
stat.math.ethz.ch, neither in the spamfilter nor in the log files.

I will read with the web interface your answers - if there is any solution.
One question:
Is it a possibility that my domain is blocked from sending e-mails 
because the e-mails of the last 2 weeks were bounced back?

Regards Knut

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