[R] Remove "gray grid" from levelplot

Martin Sandiford ms at mcdev.com.au
Sun Mar 5 13:19:03 CET 2006

I don't know what kind of computer you are using.

If you are on a Mac, then this might be relevant:

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On 05/03/2006, at 2:52 AM, Jan Marius Hofert wrote:

> Hi,
> If I use the levelplot function of the lattice library, I always see
> small "squares" in the plot. They indicate the region for which the
> same color is used. If you have a levelplot of a function which is
> evaluated at 25x25 equally-spaced points you obtain 26 squares in x
> and 26 squares in y direction. That does not bother too much (but
> still bothers somehow...), but if you want to plot a function which
> is evaluated at 1000x1000 equally-spaced points, then the "thickness"
> of this gray grid cause the grid lines to hit each other so there is
> no space for the color in the square anymore (since the "squares" are
> actually not visible anymore)... this might change the color of the
> whole levelplot!. (I tried it with the plot of f(x,y)=max(x+y-1,0)
> for x,y in the unit interval, i.e. the Lower Frechet copula). So my
> question is, if it is possible to remove this gray "grid" form the
> levelplot graph?
> Thanks in advance
> marius
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