[R] Book: Multilevel Modeling in R ETA?

Spencer Graves spencer.graves at pdf.com
Sat Mar 4 02:13:37 CET 2006

Hello, Zev:

	  Regarding Doug Bates' "Multilevel Modeling in R", I haven't seen any 
replies to your post, so I assume that the author is not ready to 
announce a publication date;  if you've heard anything, I'd like to know.

	  In the interim, have you seen the vignettes in "lme4" and "mlmRev"? 
If you have not yet worked with vignettes, I encourage you to check 
these out, because they provide an R script file as well as an Adobe 
Acrobat (PDF) file;  each complements the other, so the two together are 
more valuable than either by itself.  (For more detail, see 

	  hope this helps,
	  spencer graves	

Zev Ross wrote:

> Hi R folks (Dr. Bates in particular),
> In August 2005, Dr. Bates mentioned that the documentation for lme4 
> "will be in the form of a book with the working title 'Multilevel 
> Modeling in R'" and I'm just wondering if there is an estimated date of 
> publication or if it's still a long way off. The Rnews article does a 
> great job of introducing the package, but I'm looking forward to more 
> detail.
> Thank you, Zev

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