[R] generating clustered data

Hamilton, Cody CodyH at BaylorHealth.edu
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What about creating the covariance matrix with the help of the kronecker
product?  For instance, suppose your intercepts are ~ N(0,var1) and your
residual errors are ~ N(0,var2).  Suppose further that you want 10
clusters of 5 observations each.  I believe you can create the overall
covariance matrix with kronecker(diag(10),matrix(var1,5,5)) +
var2*diag(50).  This can then be fed as the variance to the mvtnorm
function.  Hope this helps.


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Hello R folks,

Does anybody have code to share for generating (via simulation)
clustered data?  The type of data I am looking to simulate would allow
fitting of a multilevel model with random intercepts.   I looked at the
mvtnorm package but am not quite sure how to create clusters.  (Can this

be done by simply changing the seed?)  If somebody could point me where
to look for the relevant code or perhaps send some sample code, that
would be great.


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