[R] lme4_0.995-2/Matrix_0.995-4 upgrade introduces error messages (change management)

Douglas Bates dmbates at gmail.com
Mon Jan 30 15:20:55 CET 2006

Thanks Charles.

The error is occuring in a fit of a glm using the fixed-effects terms
only.  This fit provides the starting estimates for the fixed effects
in the GLMM model.  I changed the way that this fit is performed and
apparently didn't do it correctly.

I think it would be better if you and I corresponded off-list about this.

On 1/30/06, White, Charles E WRAIR-Wash DC
<charles.edwin.white at us.army.mil> wrote:
> I hope I'm not making your life unnecessarily difficult. As I will
> demonstrate below my signature, my original straight application of
> lme4_0.995-2/Matrix_0.995-4 is failing without providing any
> optimization information. For reference, I've provided optimization
> output from lme4_0.995-1/Matrix_0.995-1. Including the lmer command
> control=list(PQLmaxIt=0) or control=list(PQLmaxIt=10) produces exactly
> the same error as when the commands are not included.
> Chuck
> Charles E. White, Senior Biostatistician, MS
> Walter Reed Army Institute of Research
> 503 Robert Grant Ave., Room 1w102
> Silver Spring, MD 20910-1557
> 301 319-9781

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