[R] Can’t find X11 font when trying to produce graph

Petar Milin pmilin at gmail.com
Tue Jan 24 14:53:43 CET 2006

I am using R 2.1.1 on i486-pc-gnu-linux (Ubuntu Breezy). Recently, I
bought new laptop HP nx8220 and installed Breezy with a few problems
starting X-Windows. Nevertheless, I followed some instruction, managed
to start X, and added R from the Ubuntu's repositories. When I try to
produce any graph (like plot, bwplot etc.), I receive an error
can't find X11 font
Error in X11( ....
unable to start device X11
I wonder if it is related to the problem that Ubuntu complained of, or
it is just something internal to R. In any case, I would really
appreciate help on that matter.

Petar Milin

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