[R] ordering a data frame to same order as a chr vector

Ken Termiso jerk_alert at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 23 17:09:58 CET 2006

Let me clarify the problem a bit further:

tv <- 1:11108

tdf <- data.frame(cbind(11108:1, 22216:11109))

In this example, what I would like to do is re-order the entire tdf data 
frame based on its first column (since the contents of tdf[,1] are identical 
to tv, just not necessarily in the same order in my problem, but here 
obviously the tdf data frame is already ordered the same as tv).

I would like to use the vector tv to give tdf the same exact order as tv, 
based on that first column of tdf which is identical to tv.


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