[R] regression with nestedness

Jeffrey Stratford stratja at auburn.edu
Sun Jan 22 19:06:55 CET 2006

Dear R-users,

I set up an experiment where I put up bluebird boxes across an
urbanization gradient.  I monitored these boxes and at some point I
pulled a feather from a chick and a friend used spectral properties
(rtot, a continuous var) to index chick health.  There is an effect of
sex that I would like to include but how would I set up a regression and
look at the effect of urbanization (purban, a continuous var)) on
feather properties of chicks within boxes.  

So the model should look something like rtot = sex + purban +

Also, when I plot purban against rtot using the plot function I get
boxplots but I would like to ignore the clutch and just plot each point.
 I've tried type = "p" but this has no effect.  




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