[R] Plotting an lme( ) object

Greg Tarpinian sasprog474474 at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 18 23:37:27 CET 2006

I apologize for the second posting, my other email address
died today.

I am using R for Windows, version 2.2.  Here is my code:

  plot(FOO.lme4, resid(.,type = "p") ~ fitted(.) | GROUP, 
       id = 0.05, adj = -0.3, 
       idLabels = FOO$value,
       main = "Pearson Residuals vs. Fitted Values, by Group",
       between = list(x = .5, y = .5))

The plot looks fine, but the "adj = -0.3" option seems to have
no effect on the labels that are added to identify potential
outliers.  I would like to offset the FOO$value text that is
currently being displayed right on top of several pearson
residuals.  How can I do this?

Thanks much,


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