[R] edit.data.frame

David Firth d.firth at warwick.ac.uk
Fri Jan 13 09:21:24 CET 2006

On 12 Jan 2006, at 22:17, Fredrik Lundgren wrote:

> Dear list,
> Sometimes I have huge data.frames and the small spreadsheetlike
> edit.data.frame is quite handy to get an overview of the data.  
> However,
> when I close the editor all data are rolled over the console window,
> which takes time and clutters the window. Is there a way to avoid  
> this?

An alternative to the editor is showData() from the relimp package.   
It is modeless, meaning that your data window can be left open/ 
minimized while you work in R.  I haven't tested it with _very_ large  
data frames though.


Professor David Firth

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