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On 12-Jan-06 mirko sanpietrucci wrote:
> Dear R-users,
> I am new to the list and I would like to submit (probably!!!!)
> a stupid question:
> I found in a paper a reference to a t-test for the evaluationg the
> difference between the standard deviations of 2 samples.
> This test is performed in the paper but the methodology is not
> explained and any reference is reported.
> Does anyone know where I can find references to this test and if it is
> implemented in R?
> Thenks in advance for your help,
> Mirko

If the paper says that a

1) "t-test"

was used for evaluating the difference between the

2) "standard deviations"

of 2 samples

then I suspect that one or the other of these is a misprint.

To compare standard deviations (more precisely, variances)
you could use a (1)F-test.

Or you would use a t-test to evaluate the difference between
the (2)means of 2 samples.

If it is really obscure what was done, perhaps an appropriate
quotation from the paper would help to ascertain the problem.

Best wishes,

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