[R] R CMD not recognized at command-line

Elizabeth Purdom epurdom at stanford.edu
Tue Jan 10 20:50:56 CET 2006

I am trying to run a batch command on Windows XP and R CMD is not 
recognized. I get the error,

"'R' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program 
or batch file."

I have "C:\Program Files\R\rw2010\bin" in my $PATH variable and Rcmd.exe 
has been installed in that folder. I have restarted the computer to make 
sure any changes in the $PATH variable registered. I have tried directly 
calling Rcmd.exe or R.exe. None of this had any effect and I can't think 
what I'm forgetting. In Cygwin,  I can get around this by explicitly giving 
the path at the prompt line, for example,

 > ~/Program\ Files/R/rw2010/bin/R CMD --help

This work-around does not seem work from the usual DOS Command Prompt, but 
I rarely use DOS commands so I may be missing something in syntax. 
Similarly, if I want to run several successive input files with a .bat 
file, this work-around won't work as a line in the .bat file.

I have two questions:
1) how can I make the computer recognize R so I can just type R CMD at the 
2) what is a work-around like I did in cygwin that will work in a .bat file 
or the standard command-line prompt so that you don't have to change the 
path variable? (often students do not have permission to add the R folder 
to the path variable of a networked computer, so I'd like to know an 
alternative if someone asks me)

Elizabeth Purdom

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