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Leif Kirschenbaum leif at reflectivity.com
Mon Jan 9 18:53:31 CET 2006

To avoid spam on the R wikis pages:
  If we assume that anyone who we would want to be empowered to modify the R wiki pages is an R-user, would it be possible to somehow incorporate a function into the next R release which provides a user with a key/password?
  A new R function would generate a day-of-the year dependent key: if you want to modify an R wiki page you need to enter the key for that day (This is not a proposal to make keys user specific: every R user worldwide would have the same key each day). Then only a person who has installed R would be able to run the function to get a key to modify R wiki pages. Of course anyone could read the wikis.

I supposed that if we wanted, that the key provided could somehow encode the O/S and R version being run, and then the wiki page modified would note which O/S and version the annotator is running, however for ease of use I suggest that the key generated each day be short for simplicy in typing it in.

I suppose a more complex solution would be for an R function to make a call to open a web-browser with a cookie or something set which thus allows the user to modify R wiki pages.

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