[R] warning message from nlme

Chia, Yen Lin yen.lin.chia at intel.com
Mon Jan 9 18:42:20 CET 2006

Hi all,

Sorry for the sloppy description of problem.  

I have a dataset called dense.  I want to decompose the
variability/variation into different components such as wafer, axis,
orientation and data.  These variables are all categorical data.  I
converted axis, orientation and location into factors before I ran the


The algorithm returns the standard deviation of each random effect, but
also gives the warning message:

Warning message:
- not meaningful for factors in: Ops.factor(y[revOrder], Fitted)

I wonder what does this warning message mean?  If the factors are not
meaningful, how can I find out which factors the warning message is
referring to?  Thanks.

Yen Lin

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> Can someone point out what is the meaning of this warning message? I
> tried to look at Ops.factor, but I don't understand it since I'm
> relatively new to R.  Thanks.

No. **Read the posting guide**  and provide sufficient details in your
so that an answer can be given.

-- Bert

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