[R] Why doesn't this nested loop work?

Ales Ziberna aleszib2 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 4 17:39:07 CET 2006

Is this what you are searching for?

n.max <- 300
NUM <- 25

n.sim <- 10 
j <- (n.max/NUM)*n.sim

results <- matrix(0, nrow=j, ncol=2)

while(NUM <= n.max){

for(i in 1:n.sim){

k <- (NUM/25)*i
results[id,1] <- k
results[id,2] <- NUM


NUM <- NUM + 25



If not, plase give an example how you would like the results to look like!

Ales Ziberna

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Hi there,


I can get the for-loop to work, I can get the while loop to work.  But I
can't get a for loop to work nested within the while loop - why?  


Please help,


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