[R] Bookmarking a page inside r-project.org

hadley wickham h.wickham at gmail.com
Tue Jan 3 00:14:34 CET 2006

> > The reason is the way HTML *frames* are used in setup of the Web site.
> > It would be very helpful if the Web site were revised so that many if
> > not most pages had their own URL's, allowing the use of bookmarks.
> I suspect that the webmasters (and -mistresses?) in Vienna are not
> thrilled by the thought of a complete website redesign...

Another problem with frames is that if you come in from a search
engine, you lose the navigation (and context) making it impossible to
move around the site.  For example, google for R foundation and click
on the second hit.

Although not a completely trivial process, converting the R website to
not use frames would not be a hideously difficult undertaking.  The
html files already have nice (ie. google friendly) names and it would
be largely a task of adding a common navigation bar to each page. 
This could be done nicely with some kind of server side include (eg. 
SSI, php) and some css.  This, however, would have repercussions for
the server software necessary to mirror the R website (although
generally it would be a matter of flipping a few switches in apache or
whatever software was been used)


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