[R] R[1304] general protection rip - Error running R file in Batch mode

Srinivas Iyyer srini_iyyer_bio at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 22 02:24:52 CET 2006

hi group, 
 I have a list of 100 elements (genes), that are to be
queried in postgres.  The out of the file is processed
for fisher test and written back as a file with
For one such operation there are 54 lines of code. 

I replicated the same code changing the query element
and file name to write back. 

I created a jumbo 100*54 = 5400 lines of code by

I saved this file as .R and ran it as:
R CMD BATCH myfile.R..

The program ran for ~40 mins. ( each operation takes 5
mins). after going home, I checked the stats and saw
that the program got aborted leaving 8 output files in

I checked /var/log/messages and found :

localhost kernel: R[1304] general protection
rip:2a988c919e rsp:7fbfff87f0 error:0

postgres did not log any error message. 

This is my first time I am running my R code in BATCH
mode. I am a new to programming in R and I have been
working directly with R interface. 

Could any one guess what could have been the problem. 


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