[R] elements from 'sem' function

andre tavares correa dias atcdias at biologia.ufrj.br
Tue Feb 7 18:27:59 CET 2006

I would like to print elements from sem (structural equation modeling) 
function (e.g., model-reproduced covariance matrix (C); estimated asymptotic 
covariance matrix of parameter estimates (cov)). 

How can I  do this? 


André Tavares Corrêa Dias
Laboratório de Ecologia Vegetal
Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro
CCS-IB-Departamento de Ecologia
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21941-970 Rio de Janeiro – RJ, Brazil
tel: +55 21 25626377
Fax: + 55 21 25626320
atcdias at biologia.ufrj.br

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