[R] Selecting from a Dataframe

Dan Chan dchan at GFC.STATE.GA.US
Tue Apr 4 19:42:00 CEST 2006


I have a data frame with many fields and there are many records. 
One of the fields is county names in Georgia. 
I want to select all the records for 3 of the counties. 
How can I do that? 

DailyCounty is the dataframe that holds the data.  One of the fields is
County.  The following statement will extract all records for Appling
County and store as Appling.  

Appling <- subset(DailyCounty, DailyCounty$County== ("Appling"))

I suppose I can do the same for the other two counties, but how can I
combine them into one single data frame?  Each county has a different
numbers of records in the dataframe DailyCounty. 

Thank you. 

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