[R] How to manipulate an abitrary dimensioned array.

Mike Meyer mikem at salter-point.com
Fri Oct 28 00:43:05 CEST 2005

Thanks for the suggestion.
Perhaps I can see how to use apply to get the ratio, but say I also want 
to return X[,,,,1] in a general way.  Maybe I am being dense but I just 
don't see it --- probably as a result of too much Perl/Python/Java 
recently that is clouding my mind.

So can someone suggest a general function that will give me the last 
layer of an arbitrary dimensioned array?

Berton Gunter wrote:
> Why doesn't apply() already do what you want?
> -- Bert Gunter
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>>Subject: [R] How to manipulate an abitrary dimensioned array.
>>If I have an n1 x n1 x 2 array X I can calculate, say,
>>If it is a 4 dimensional array then I want to be able to calculate
>>X[,,,1]/X[,,,2], and similarly for higher dimensions.
>>How can I write a function to do this in a general way 
>>without having to 
>>do a switch for each possible length(dim(X)).  So I want a function g 
>>that will take an arbitrary dimensioned array, X, and return 
>>X[,,,1]/X[,,,2], etc.   I know how to do this by turning X into a 
>>vector, then doing the division, then re-shaping as an array, 
>>but that 
>>doesn't seem very elegant.
>>What I think I am missing is how to paste/substitute/eval a bunch of 
>>commas into an array selection.
>>Thanks, --Mike
>>Mike Meyer,  Seattle WA
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