[R] plot of mice.mids objects

Leo Gürtler leog at anicca-vijja.de
Fri Nov 4 12:41:35 CET 2005


how can I plot mice.mids objects as described by Buuren (2000)
page 17, if there are many variables (~80) with NAs included?
mice runs well, but the plot is not possible because it seems that there 
are too many variables.

 > imp.temp <- mice(data.withnas, m=5)
 > plot(imp.temp)
Fehler in plot.new() : Grafikränder zu groß
= error in plot.new(): boundaries of graphics too big/huge

Is it possible to run the plot() sequentially, so that only a selected 
part of the variables are plotted?
Of course I can run mice() on a reduced dataset, but then the 
estimations are different what is not useful here.

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