[R] I never made any assumption athat anyone had any obligation to do anything

BJ erithid at bellsouth.net
Fri May 27 17:39:15 CEST 2005

I just asked a question. If I was too vague, then i am sorry. I dont 
expect anyone to help me, but I thought that it was ok to put the 
question out there in case someone wanted to help me. I didnt expect 
abject hostility for it. Human decency was the only thing I did expect. 
If my question was a pain,badly formatted, or too juvinile, then i have 
no problem being ignored.I asked a question that the archives did not 
satisfactorily answer. I appreciate the help of the poeple on this list 
as they are an invaluable resource, especially since the R documentation 
is sketchy at times. I am sorry for wasting everyones time. I just dont 
like being yelled at first thing in the morning for asking for help on a 
help list. See you all around  ~Erithid

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