[R] lme4 package and importIntoEnv errors

Patrick Connolly p.connolly at hortresearch.co.nz
Tue May 24 22:51:13 CEST 2005

On Tue, 24-May-2005 at 08:40AM -0500, Douglas Bates wrote:

|> Perhaps I can add a bit more explanation.  As Deepayan mentioned, the
|> versions of the lme4 package are closely linked to the versions of the
|> Matrix package.  The R code for lmer is in the lme4 package but the
|> corresponding C code is in the Matrix package where it can gain access
|> to other C functions for sparse matrix manipulation.

Thanks for that explanation.  I was curious to know why it's so
different from other packages I've had no trouble with.

My problem did, indeed, arise from using an older version of lme4 with
a new version of Matrix.  Douglas's post explains why
lme4_0.95-8.tar.gz is so much smaller than lme4_0.8-2.tar.gz.  I feel
much less confused now.

Thank you Renaud Lancelot and Deepayan Sarkar also.

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