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Spencer Graves spencer.graves at pdf.com
Tue May 3 20:40:12 CEST 2005

	  Yes.  Thanks for the elaboration.  What differences might one expect 
between the contents of "\demo" and "\R-ex"?  (I found "\R-ex" with all 
the packages I named, but not all had "\demo".)

	  spencer graves

There seem to be different

Jonathan Q. wrote:

> assuming one has these installed already, you just look in the demo
> folder under each?  i.e., fBasics\demo ???
> On 5/3/05, Spencer Graves <spencer.graves at pdf.com> wrote:
>>         I'm looking at the same thing.  A good source for this is to
>>'install.packages(c("fBasics", "fCalendar", "fExtremes", "fMultivar",
>>"fOptions", "fPotfolio", "fractdiff", "fSeries", "its", "lme4",
>>"zoo"))', then 'update.packages()'.  These will install subdirectories
>>or folders with the indicated names "fBasics", etc., in "library" with
>>your R installation.  For example, in my Windows installation, I have
>>"D:\Program files\R\rw2010pat\library", which contains many subfolders
>>including ones named "fSeries".  These all contain files "*.R", which
>>provide sample code.
>>         spencer graves
>>Sean Davis wrote:
>>>On May 3, 2005, at 6:46 AM, Jonathan Q. wrote:
>>>>In the process of learning R, with a specific interest on financial
>>>>time series.  While I continue to get through the documents I am more
>>>>a fan of learning by example and then looking up how each function is
>>>>used.  Any websites which post sample code for R?
>>>The largest source of example code is R itself.  If you have a command
>>>in which you are interested, you can often just type the command and the
>>>code will be shown to you.  Try typing:
>>>It will show you the code used to produce the result.  Also, each
>>>command has its own example(s) in the help.
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