[R] Error in x[good, ] * w : non-conformable arrays

Art B. Owen owen at stanford.edu
Fri Feb 25 19:52:27 CET 2005

Dear Jacques,

Did you ever figure that error out?  I have recently
hit it too.  In my case it comes from glm() when
I replace  family = binomial  with family = cauchit
for some home brewed cauchy binary regression.

Things are ok with binomial but not with Cauchy.
The data set has some missing values.  I tried replacing
the x by multiple x's and by a matrix.  I suspect that
the intrinsic binomial regression is doing something
smarter with the missing data.

The code worked with an older R (1.7.1 or 1.8.1 I think)
on other data sets.


here's my cauchy regression hack:

cauchit = quasibinomial()
cauchit$family = "binomial"
cauchit$link   = "cauchit"
cauchit$linkfun = function(mu){  qcauchy(mu) }
cauchit$linkinv = function(eta){ pcauchy(eta) }
cauchit$mu.eta  = function(eta){ dcauchy(eta) }

then I use glm( ....  family = cauchit )

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