[R] importing minitab datasets

Peter Jaffe pcj1 at nyu.edu
Fri Feb 11 07:06:39 CET 2005

I'm having trouble using the read.mtp function in the foreign package 
to import datasets from minitab (.mtw) format. Specifically, each file 
I try to import fails to load any data beyond a header row stating the 
version of Minitab that saved the dataset. I get this error:

incomplete final line found by readtableHeader on 'income.mtw'

The dataset appears to be complete (ie, using the scan() function I can 
view the contents, and the file does not end after the header, but the 
formatting characters make it impossible to guess what the raw data 
elements are). I got the same result trying to read minitab files from 
two different sources. Any suggestions would be appreciated.



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