[R] Runnning R remotely

Laura Quinn laura at env.leeds.ac.uk
Wed Feb 2 17:18:23 CET 2005


I was wondering if anyone might be able to help. I am trying to run R on a
remote machine, part of the model run I am attempting writes an external
file output as a png (about 48 iterations per model run). I am running R
1.9.1 on SuSe9.0, and am accessing this via ssh from a Debian machine.

Initially I used the command ssh -X IP.address and whilst I was able to
run the model successfully the model run was extremely slow (which I could
not understand as the output was being written to the remote machine), but
tried to log in again, this time without the X windows facility and found
that I couldn't run the model:

Error in X11(paste("png::", filename, sep = ""), width, height, pointsize,
        unable to start device PNG
In addition: Warning message:
unable to open connection to X11 display`'

Could somebody please advise a way around this?

Thanks in advance,

Laura Quinn
Institute of Atmospheric Science
School of Earth and Environment
University of Leeds

tel: +44 113 343 1596
fax: +44 113 343 6716
mail: laura at env.leeds.ac.uk

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