??: [R] R plot problems

Ivy_Li Ivy_Li at smics.com
Mon Oct 18 06:54:27 CEST 2004

About Time labels, I have tried you mentioned method , but It still show oddness number
I have an example . Mybe It  can explain my meaning clearly.
Thank you for helping me!

Time <- c("2004-08-05 09:08:48", "2004-08-13 20:53:38",
  	"2004-08-14 13:57:23", "2004-08-12 16:17:41", 
  	"2004-08-12 16:15:27", "2004-08-11 21:38:24",
  	"2004-08-12 14:28:41", "2004-08-18 18:04:47",
  	"2004-08-13 15:23:14", "2004-08-14 02:36:33")
Time <- as.POSIXlt(Time)
x <- data.frame(main.name="AAA", fruit.name=rep(c("Apply","Watermelon"),each=5), 
		x.name=Time, y.name=(1:10))
fruit.class <- table(x$fruit.name)
color.code <- c(611,552,656,121,451,481,28,652,32,550,90,401,150,12,520,8)
for(j in 1:length(fruit.class))
	fruit <- names(fruit.class)[j]
	lines(smooth.spline(x[x$fruit.name==fruit, "x.name"],
		x[x$fruit.name==fruit, "y.name"],df=5),

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???: Jim Lemon [mailto:bitwrit at ozemail.com.au]
????: 2004?10?17? 18:28
???: Ivy_Li
??: Re: [R] R plot problems

Ivy_Li wrote:
> Hello Everyboby:
>         Could I consult everyboby two problems about plot.
>         Recently, I am doing some analysis in plot.
>         Now I can draw boxplot in R , but the result's plot loss some of
> the x-coordinates. I want to rotate the direction of  x-coordinates' letter
> so that it can show all. But I don't know how to write this option or
> function . Or Could you carry out some other good measures to help me?

If you are trying to cram a lot of labels on an axis, the "staxlab" function 
in the "plotrix" package may help you.

> The
> second problem, x-axis in the plot I drawed is time , but the figure in it 
> is very oddness. For example, the time is 2004-9-29, the figure in the plot
> is 1095000000.Could anyone help me to settle these problems. Thank you very
> much!
This looks like a date problem. The date is being converted to one of the 
"seconds-since-x" timescales and printed as that value. Try converting your 
original dates to labels using "as.character".


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