[R] power in a specific frequency band

Giuseppe Pagnoni gpagnon at emory.edu
Sat Oct 16 01:55:40 CEST 2004

Dear R users

I have a really simple question (hoping for a really simple answer :-):

Having estimated the spectral density of a time series "x" (heart rate 
data) with:

x.pgram <- spectrum(x,method="pgram")

  I would like to compute the power in a specific energy band.

Assuming that frequency(x)=4 (Hz), and that I am interested in the band 
between f1 and f2, is the power in the band simply the following?

sum(x.pgram$spec[(x.pgram$freq > f1/frequency(x)) & (x.pgram$freq <= 

If it is so, are the returned units the same units as the original time 
series, but squared (if x is bpm, then the power is in bpm^2)?

I own a copy of Venables and Ripley (MASS 2003), but I was not able to 
extract this information from the time series chapter....

thanks for any help
(please cc to my e-mail, if possible)


Giuseppe Pagnoni
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