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Russ Stiffler Russ at IDesireSuccess.com
Fri Oct 15 22:34:34 CEST 2004

Dear ,

Are you in the United States?

Are you serious about financial success?

Are you open to look at a home-based business?

Are you looking for something that will give you
serious rewards for your effort?

If you answered yes to these questions read on. 
If you are among the few that see the possibilies
this can change your life.

It is changing mine. I have been very successful as
an athlete and coach. I have helped my students 
become World and National Champions. But making
money has never been a strength of mine. 

That has now changed. I am on my way to making a
residual income of $100,000 a year.

Part of the reason I love this is that I get the chance
to use all the coaching skill and experience I have 
gained over the years. I get to help those few that are
ready to learn. I get to help them gain financial success.
And along the way I'll probably make a few great 
friends. What can be better than that?

Let me tell you why this is changing for me and maybe
that can help you see what I see.

The downfall of most companies is customer retention.
To maintain your income in most companies you must
constantly replace lost customers.

We are different.

Our historic customer retention rate is 92.4%

Now each new customer increases your income.

Our system and training program is designed to produce
a residual income of $100,000 in two to four years
working 10 to 12 hours per week.

Is 10 to 12 hours a week worth a lifetime residual income
of $100,000 to you?

If so this could be your time to succeed. Then it is time to
visit my Website to find out if we are a good fit:

To Your Success,

Russ Stiffler

P.S. We are rolling out, right now, a new product that 
increases commission payouts by two to three times.

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