[R] incomplete function output

Randy Johnson [Contr] rjohnson at ncifcrf.gov
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You can return a list of them all

root <- function(var)
    return(list(test1 = PP.test(var, lshort = T), 
                test2 = ...))

output <- root(var)

Then you can print them, save them, or whatever.
Or you could just print them out in the function

root <- function(var)
print(PP.test(var, lshort = TRUE))
print(PP.test(var, lshort = FALSE))


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Dear R users,

I have a function (below) which encompasses several tests.
However, when I run it, only the output of the last test is
displayed. How can I ensure that the function root(var)
will run and display the output from all tests, and not
just the last one?

Thank you,

root <- function(var)
PP.test(var, lshort = TRUE) 
PP.test(var, lshort = FALSE) 

#---Augmented Dickey-Fuller 
adf.test(var, alternative = "stationary", k =

kpss.test(var, null = "Level", lshort = TRUE)
kpss.test(var, null = "Trend", lshort = FALSE)

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