[R] gnls or nlme : how to obtain confidence intervals of fitted values

David Scott d.scott at auckland.ac.nz
Mon Oct 4 13:31:48 CEST 2004

On Mon, 4 Oct 2004, Pierre MONTPIED wrote:

> Thanks Spencer but the intervals function gives confidence intervals of the 
> parameters of the model not the predicted values. In the Soybean example it 
> would be the CI of predicted weight for a given time, knowing all the 
> parameters (Asym, xmid, scal, variance function and residual) and their 
> distributions.
> And what I need to calculate is precisely this CI.
> My question is therefore is there an analytical way to calculate such CI, 
> whatever the model, or could I try some randomizing techniques such as 
> bootstrap or other ?

I find I have a need for this too but for the fixed effects in a mixed 
model fitted with lme. I have fitted a polynomial to some longitudinal 
data, plus some other fixed effects and some random effects. I can use 
predict to get the fitted polynomial for particular values of the other 
predictors, but I would really like to put some confidence bounds on it. I 
am not wild about bootstrapping---just fitting the model can take 30 

Any suggestions will be gratefully received (although on second thoughts 
if someone tells me to use SAS I will be less than grateful).

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