[R] Reading multiple files into R

Vikas Rawal vikas at mail.jnu.ac.in
Sun Oct 3 04:28:02 CEST 2004

I progressed when I combined the Kevin-Roger method with the 
Jomes-holtman method. sprintf() in place of formatC did the trick. 
Holtman's method does not work because of some problem with the assign. 
It seems you cannot have a variable target of the assignment.

Now I have a vector of lists res. I would like to append all these 
components into one single dataframe.
I tried the following:

rbind(for (i in 1:17) res[[i]]) -> distvc

But this will not work. It works if I individually specify all the res 


Holtman's method:

for (i in 1:30){
      assign(paste('dist', i, sep=''),

Roger's method

>> res <- vector(mode="list", length=9)
>> for (i in 1:length(res))     res[[i]] <- 
>> maptools:::dbf.read(paste("wb-0", i, "vc.dbf", sep=""))
>>> res <- vector(mode="list", length=9)
>>> for (i in 1:length(res)) cat(paste("wb-0", i, "vc.dbf", sep=""), "\n")
>> wb-01vc.dbf wb-02vc.dbf wb-03vc.dbf ...
>> gives a check on what file names are being used.
>> For 10 to 99 preserving the 01-09, use paste("wb-", formatC(i, 
>> width=2, flag="0"), "vc.dbf", sep="").
>> If the token is a character (string) that varies, you can roll out a 
>> character vector of tokens first and step along it.
>>> res <- vector(mode="list", length=length(LETTERS))
>>> for (i in 1:length(res)) cat(paste("wb-", LETTERS[i], "vc.dbf", 
>>> sep=""), 
>> + "\n")
>> wb-Avc.dbf wb-Bvc.dbf wb-Cvc.dbf ...

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