[R] Reading multiple files into R

Paul Lemmens P.Lemmens at nici.ru.nl
Fri Oct 1 09:31:02 CEST 2004

Hoi Vikas,

--On vrijdag 1 oktober 2004 10:50 +0530 Vikas Rawal <vikas at mail.jnu.ac.in> 

> I want to read data from a number of files into R.
> Reading individual files one by one requires writing enormous amount of
> code that will look something like the following.
> Is there a better way of doing this?
These days I'm using the code below to read in each datafile I have, and 
come out with a single dataframe.

#  Concatenate the raw data files.
(datafiles <- list.files(path="../raw data/", pattern="pp.+\.dat$"))
tst <- do.call('rbind', lapply(datafiles, function(x) read.table(
  paste('../raw data/', x, sep=""), skip=1)))

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