[R] A basic question

Douglas Bates bates at stat.wisc.edu
Tue Nov 30 15:11:44 CET 2004

Kenneth wrote:

> I want to know any experience compiling R in other LINUX distributions
> besides FEDORA (Red Hat) or Mandrake, for example in BSD, Debian,
> Gentoo, Slackware, vector LINUX, Knoppix, Yopper or CERN linux?
> Hope this is not a "basic question"
> Thank you for your help.

There is considerable experience compiling R under Debian Linux.  Many 
of the developers use Debian and if you check the sources you will find 
that there is a debian directory in the official source distribution. 
The daily package checking is done on a system running Debian and there 
are dozens of R packages in the Debian distribution.  See 
http://packages.qa.debian.org/r/r-base-core for a history of the 
uploads.  The link to the buildd logs shows compilation of R under 
Debian on many different architectures.

Because Knoppix is derived from Debian and uses the Debian packaging 
system the compilation of R under Knoppix is essentially the same as 
under Debian.  The Quantian distribution comes with R installed.

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