[R] lme in R-2.0.0: Problem with lmeControl

Pavel Khomski pkhomski at wiwi.uni-bielefeld.de
Tue Nov 30 12:08:09 CET 2004


One note/question hier about specification of control-parameters in the 
lme(...,control=list(...)) function call:

i tried to specify tne number of iteration needed via 
lme(....,control=list(maxIter=..., niterEM=...,msVerbose=TRUE))
but every time i change the defualt values maxIter (e.g. maxIter=1, 
niterEM=0)  on ones specified by me, the call returns all the iterations 
needed until it's converged.
and this is exactly the problem i will to get round.  (    e.g. in 
example on p.81 of Pinheiro/Bates,2000: 
fm1Rail.lme<-lme(...,control=list(maxIter=1,...))            )
so i have tried with option msMaxIter=... and this works.

The other problem is, that i even can not see (in R !!!) the output from 
iterations, despite the msVerbose=TRUE  specification and setting 
options(verbose=TRUE) (The S-plus can do it but also ignoring the 
maxIter=... specification)

Thank you for your hint

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